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This gallery will contain photos taken with my recently acquired Blackberry Passport phone. First impressions are that it takes very good, perfectly exposed, sharp photos with normal usage. However, at close-focussing/macro distances, there are problems with vignetting, focussing and under-exposure, when the camera is used in daylight, with or without use of the built-in LED flash. Strangely, with the exception of vignetting, these becomes less of a problem when the camera is used under dim light. Therefore, all macro images will probably require post-processing with propriety image editing software (as in this gallery, where the freebie was used).

Please note that the smallest object size that will fill the entire horizontal field of view is around 6cm. I will be posting more images taken by this phone and will revise the information provided here accordingly.

Full-resolution images can be downloaded by clicking the right mouse button.

So what do I think of the Blackberry Passport? Well, it's wider (but shorter) than other phones, and is still pocketable. It's built like a tank, has a fantastic battery life, brilliant keyboard, and for me, has more-than-adequate video playback, thanks to it's high resolution screen. Go check one out!

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My garden in June 2015

My garden in June 2015

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